Pastoral Care – Emergency Support

Everything we do is animated by the cornerstones of our ethos – dignity and love. This means every resident, regardless of their background, talents, appearance or achievements, is viewed as intrinsically dignified and called to be treated with fundamental respect. Love is seen as willing the good of the other, for their sake alone and doing something concrete about it.

This outlook demands we see the care, support and development of all residents as a non-negotiable priority. Our Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Deputy Principal all live on-site, and are supported by a Resident Advisor team and College Chaplain. Together they are committed to supporting residents in their university-College experience.

If a resident does experience difficulties, from minor challenges through to emergency situations, we strongly encourage them to utilise the resources of the College as well as the extensive resources of Monash University. Of particular note, we would draw residents’ attention to the Monash University Safer Community Unit for all matters concerning student safety and that of the Campus Community Division for all elements related to student health and wellbeing.

Resident Advisors

Our Resident Advisor leadership team consists of a team of returning students, who are appointed to this role by the Deputy Principal following a rigorous and competitive selection process. Resident Advisors are strategically positioned on each floor of the College to look out for their fellow residents, ensure they are settling in well, and to respond in the event of an emergency. In addition to Senior Management they are key element of our pastoral program, and are trained in Mental Health First Aid, Level 2 First Aid, and Fire Warden Safety. Under the direction of the Deputy Principal, Resident Advisors are also exposed to an extensive leadership program.

Tutorial Program

Our Tutorial Program operates with the broad aim to assist each resident wherever possible in becoming the best student they can be, as they strive to achieve excellence in their studies at Monash University.

Tutorials are facilitated by Monash University-approved tutors covering key subject areas on a weekly basis, and more frequently prior to exams.

The pass and retention rates at Mannix College exceed the University average and we are proud that our residents have also performed exceptionally well in prestigious scholarship and leadership schemes offered at Monash and elsewhere.

Professional Networking

Mannix provides opportunities for our residents to connect with both academics and professionals through events such as our Formal and Faculty Dinners and our Leadership Lecture Series, comprised of the Newman Lecture, Women in Leadership Lecture and the Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation Lecture.

The Mannix Old Collegians Association also facilitates events such their annual Careers Breakfast, where our residents can connect with professionals in their chosen fields to discuss internship possibilities and seek career advice.

Leadership Development

Mannix College is driven from its core values and beliefs. This mode of operation influences our practices with respect to enhancing the leadership capacity of our residents. Guided by a fundamental belief in the intrinsic dignity of the human being and our others centred view of life– “Willing the good of the other and doing something concrete about it”, our residents are presented with a world class suite of leadership development opportunities.

As a basis for their development, all residents are presented with a social model of interaction which stresses:

  • operating from a rational, future and solution focused standpoint, as opposed to an emotive paradigm which dwells on the past
  • taking responsibility and assisting others to do likewise, rather than an outlook embedded in blame
  • being accountable for one’s circumstances in place of acting a victim of others actions or one’s circumstances
  • recognising the capacity of others to grow and develop, in contrast to a ‘deficit’ view of people’s ability to improve

Complementing this model, residents are presented with several powerful principles of leadership and accompanying concrete strategies, including:

  • supporting the development of others through the use of feedback and coaching
  • leading from a beliefs and principles perspective rather than being driven by practices
  • concepts contained in the seminal work of Stephen Covey, including the power of the paradigms and starting with the end in mind

Our objective is to provide residents with the knowledge and skills to lead and live in a way which enables themselves and others to flourish in the College environment.

The principles-based methodology we adopt, means the learning is readily applicable beyond life at the College. Our desire is to equip residents to become consciously skilled and take a lead in supporting the development of others well beyond their years at Mannix.

Spiritual Support

Mannix College regards the personal freedom and responsibility of each student to be of primary importance. Our pastoral outreach to our students is to encourage the faith development of each student through pastoral care and ministry, the dissemination of information and a willingness to provide for the needs of our students in their search for truth.

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