Ending Sexual Assault and Harassment on Campus

As a member of University Colleges Australia, Mannix College supports the following statement released (by UCA) in June, 2018:

“… University Colleges Australia re-affirms its commitment to responding in positive, collaborative and constructive ways to the findings and recommendations of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities commissioned by Universities Australia. We also re-affirm that behaviours such as hazing, misogyny and bullying have no place in university residences or anywhere else in society, and we will continue to work with our members, our universities and wider community agencies and organisations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and to develop and encourage a culture that supports reporting and enhances respectful relationships.

As leaders of university residential communities, where young people learn and develop in decision-making, leadership and broader life skills, we are fully committed to and engaged in front-line care and change, education and training, and policy and procedures development in dealing with unacceptable behaviour and responding to reports of abuse. It is challenging and at times a confronting task which requires every support and encouragement.

We look forward to the continuing work and privilege of enhancing the student experience through collegiate residential life.”

Mannix College supports Monash University’s efforts to ending sexual assault and harassment as a part of the Respect. Now. Always campaign

Around the world, there has been a growing conversation about sexual assault and sexual harassment and what individuals and institutions can do to prevent it. This is a challenge in every country and society.

Australian universities, Monash University and Mannix College have a range of initiatives in place to prevent sexual assault and sexual harassment and to support victims and survivors. These include education and consent training, safety programs, prevention and education initiatives and counselling and support services. These initiatives and services aim to expand students’ understanding about what constitutes unacceptable or criminal behaviour, to challenge attitudes and assumptions that give rise to those behaviours, and to ensure that support is available for those students who experience them.

No one should ever be subjected to sexual assault or sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is never okay. Sexual assault is a crime. Australia’s universities and Mannix College are united in their determination to prevent and address it.

Sexual Assault Crisis Line Victoria: 1800 806 292