2021 Fees

Fees for 2021 will be released in late September 2020. Stay tuned.

Overview & Inclusions

Mannix gives residents the space, support and community they need to excel in their studies and excel as a person. Included in our fees is a diverse academic program, mentoring support and academic skill development, as well as 20 meals per week, weekly housekeeping, utilities and internet, the provision of programs and events and so much more. Included in the fee is a refundable $500 bond.

2021 Contract Dates


21 February – 20 November 2021


28 February – 20 November 2021

New 2020 contract structure

We understand it can be challenging for residents to have to move-out during the mid year break, so from 2020 we are increasing the length of our contract to include these additional 4 weeks.

Freshers will now be offered a 39-week contract and Returners a 38-week contract.

We will still ask residents move-out within 24 hours of their final exam or assessment in November, so the College remains a place conducive to quiet study.

Dates Sunday 23 February – Saturday 21 November
Cost $22 330
Dates Sunday 1 March  –      Saturday 21 November
Cost $20 990

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