A Partnership in Excellence

Mannix College is the only traditional denominational university residential college affiliated with Monash University. Together for over half a century, Mannix and Monash have forged a unique partnership in excellence.
The College is grounded in the Catholic tradition and seeks to give expression to Catholic values in all aspects of College life. In this way the College aims to be a visible and active presence of the Catholic Church at Monash University.

Our Vision

To foster in our residents a desire and capacity to make a difference in the world.

Our Values

Everything we do is animated by the cornerstones of our Ethos – Dignity and Love.

This means every resident, regardless of their background, talents, appearance or achievements, is viewed as intrinsically dignified and called to be treated with fundamental respect. Love is seen as willing the good of the other, for their sake alone and doing something concrete about it.

Love is seen as an act of the will; willing the good of the other and doing something concrete about it, without expecting anything in return. As such the College has an others-centred view of the world.

Our ethos motivates residents to pursue academic excellence, inspire intellectual growth, encourage faith development and engage in service to the community. Mannix therefore strives to enrich the University experience by not only providing a stimulating and supportive College community, but by promoting the intellectual, spiritual and personal; development of its members with an awareness of Christian Values and Catholic tradition, culture and imagination.

Strategic Plan

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