A Partnership In Excellence

Mannix College is the only traditional denominational university residential college affiliated with Monash University. Together for over half a century, Mannix and Monash have forged a unique “partnership in excellence”.

Mission and Values

Open to students of all backgrounds, the College is grounded in the Catholic tradition and seeks to give expression to Catholic values in all aspects of College life. In this way the College aims to be a visible and active presence of the Catholic Church at Monash University.

For the lasting benefit of each student resident, Mannix College is dedicated to achieving the following goals:
  • Live in a fully-catered student community that looks after you in a secure environment at Monash Clayton campus and works hard to support and expand your academic, spiritual, cultural, social and sporting interests;
  • Learn how to be the best student you can be as you make the transition from school to university and prepare for further studies and professional life;
  • Lead now and in the future by improving career opportunities through the gain in experience and confidence that comes from a sense of moral and community responsibility, life-skills and friendships that a denominational residential college such as Mannix is uniquely equipped to provide.